Frequently Asked Questions

What is Made in Kashmir (MIK) Shop about ?

Made in Kashmir is an online ecommerce platform for purchasing Kashmir & English Willow Cricket bat's that are sourced from Anantnag Kashmir, India.

We have various famous Local Kashmir Cricket Brands like KIS and GR8 who have great expertise in making best Kashmir willow cricket bats.

In a nutshell, MIK provides service for every Indian cricket to buy his favourite and Authentic Kashmir Willow cricket bat from Kashmir.

What is the return policy in short ?

We offer a 7-day return policy, allowing you to request a return within 7 days of receiving your bat. We will then thoroughly inspect the returned bat before processing a replacement. Replacements and returns are subject to the following conditions:

  • Unplayed Bat: The bat must not have been used in a match.
  • Broken Handle: We offer a separate 3-month warranty on the bat handle. If the handle is broken, cracked, or separated from the body within 3 months of the order date, you are eligible for a handle replacement.
  • Broken on Arrival: If the bat arrives broken, you can choose between a replacement or a full refund.
  • Performance Issues: If the bat's performance does not meet our guaranteed standards, a replacement will be provided (subject to inspection). The replacement bat will be of the same grade as the original.
  • Stickers untouched: There return, refund and replacement is allowed only if the brand stickers are untouched.

Additional Offers

  • Broken Bat Gift Card: In the case of a broken bat on arrival, we will offer you a 1-year valid MIK Gift Card as a courtesy. This gift card can be used towards the purchase of any bat in our store.
  • Minor Shipping Scratches: We are not responsible for minor cosmetic scratches that may occur during shipping.

Return Process

You should drop the mail at along with all sided photos of the bat, or WhatsApp on our helpline contact +916005566931

How can I buy the full cricket kit ?

We provide exclusive deals for full kit. Our full cricket kit contains the following items.

  1. Grade 1 Kashmir Willow Bat
  2. One pair of Leg Guard
  3. One Helmet
  4. One pair of Batting Gloves
  5. Abdomen + Suspender
  6. One keeping Gloves
  7. One thigh
  8. One Leather Ball
  9. One Kit bag

The kit price varies based on the quality of kit you want to buy.

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How do you ship the ordered Cricket bats ?

We do ship your ordered cricket bat's Preferentially through DTDC courier. If there was no service available from DTDC at the shipping moment, we do try to ship them through The Professional Courier.

What is the average weight of your cricket bats ?

The weight of Kashmir Willow cricket bat is always heavier than English willow.

The average weight of English Willow Cricket bat for leather ball is around 1120 to 1150 grams.

However, the average weight of Kashmir Willow Cricket bat for leather ball is 1230 to 1260 grams.

How do I track my order ?

Once your order is ready for shipment, we fulfil your order and update your order tracking that you receive via email and also on your customer account.

When you create an order, the provided email becomes your account email. you can log anytime.

Sometimes, it takes time to prepare your bat, it may take time to fulfil your order those times. You are always welcomed to get update of your order via our WhatsApp support: WhatsApp Chat

What Guarantee do you provide for Kashmir willow Cricket bats ?

We provide the following guarantee to our all Kashmir willow cricket bats for leather balls.

  1. One month for Handle.
  2. One month for Ping/Stroke.
  3. Original Kashmiri Sourced.

Can I made a COD order ?

We don't have great COD functionality in Kashmir that would ship our bats on COD.
We are trying every possible way to make it happen.

Currently, we do ship the bats at 60% upfront payment. Once you receive your bat, you can make the rest 40% payment to us. You have to share the identity proof to get the bat at 60% upfront payment.

Contact our WhatsApp Support for this way of ordering.

Is Kashmir Willow Cricket bat compatible for professional Cricket games ?

Yes, Kashmir Willow Cricket bats have various grades.

Made-in-Kashmir provides the top grade Kashmir willow cricket bats that are great choice for your professional cricket games.

GR8 Cricket bats are ICC approved brand cricket bats and are used by many professional and International Cricket players.

Can I use credit card to purchase a bat ?

We have Razorpay payments gateway installed which is highly safe and secure

Razorpay is the Best Payment Solution for Online Payments in India.

With Razorpay, you can place order by making payment via credit cards, debit cards, netbanking, wallet, and UPI of many types.

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