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The demand of Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats in India

2020 has been an interesting year for the market of Kashmir willow cricket bats. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing a disruption in traditional cricketing activities, there has been an increased demand for these bats from online retailers and small businesses.

Kashmir willow is one of the most popular materials used to make high quality cricket bats due to its light weight, durability and excellent performance on various pitches. It is also known as Salix babylonica or English Willow which grows in abundance near rivers or streams in Kashmir valley region of India & Pakistan.
The popularity of this material can be attributed to its superior quality compared with other types such as English Willow, White Ash and Poplar wood that are commonly used by cricketers around the world. The price range varies depending upon size & grade but generally ranges between Rs 2000 - Rs 5000 per bat (approx).

This year saw a surge in demand for these special type of wooden pieces due to their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions while delivering consistent performances on different surfaces like grassy grounds or hard pitches without losing any shape over time unlike other woods available out there . Furthermore , many professional players have started using them during practice sessions before big tournaments adding more credibility towards this product .

In conclusion , 2020 was definitely a good year for kashmiri willow cricket bat market with increasing sales figures across all platforms including online stores & physical outlets . We hope that 2021 brings even more success into it !

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